domingo, 17 de marzo de 2013

train writings / work writings / bored as fuck rants

Your lashes clapped making a noticeable pain clamour that I ignored at the moment, and now it's a resonant image that I want to desperately vanish.


"I am a customer here!", she said while holding her cellphone against her right cheek.
"Ma'am I understand, but still, no one is allowed on this area to make phone calls", I responded while simultaneously pointing the exit, "it's either in or you have to step outside, please".
She rolled her eyes and mouthed the word 'fine' and stepped out of the entrance lobby. 
She resumed her phone call by telling whoever was in the other side of the line that I was being a bitch.
"Thank you", I thought - and the word bitch became a repetive image in my head. No sound, just the word 'bitch' booming in my brain. Literally.

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