martes, 20 de marzo de 2012

'Lazy Tuesday' or/o 'Martes todo el día en casa'


I went out and took some pictures of my surroundings.
After a BBQ last Sunday evening my terrace has doodles and drawings all over. 
It even has my silhouette as if I was a crime victim and my body fell there for it's final mourning.
A cop stood almost 2 hours in front of my house and my paranoia and curiosity made me stare at him to see what he was doing.
After I caught him texting and talking all the time I took plenty of pictures to send to a local newspaper.
But since I know no one will bother, I posted one here.
The building with the giant digital clock is located many blocks far away from my house.
So I used my 70-300 mm G lens and zoooom... close enough to take a picture of the hour.
I don't want to work tomorrow.
I just want to write and search for great tunes for my next djing gigs.
Seriously that's all I want to do. 
And eat ice cream and cereal while wearing my Body Motion shorts. 

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