miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2011


um, hi. i hate you all. thanks. i'm kidding, read this and share. gracias.


i'm only here

because i'm not there.

it's better here

because you are not with me.

you are at some other place

hitting the walls, waiting to faint

i can't keep up with your ways

i'm sorry, but i don't care.

at least now, at this right moment.

all i want for you is to eat your own tongue

and to chew it in small pieces

so you can't glue it together

because of the missing parts.

i know it sounds cruel

but i am tired

and wish for nothing but solitude

and that's all.


window watcher

an old man is crossing the streets

he stepped shyly into the sidewalk and walked slowly

into his garage door.

he collects stuff i think-

because his garage is full of old furniture.

i don't know his name but

i know his wife is called sharon.

i like to imagine his name is ozzy

and that my neighbors are the osbournes.

i know this because he is always screaming her name-

"sharon! sharon!"

"what?", sharon replied

"where's the remote?", the old man asked

'i don't know!", screamed sharon, who likes to wear sports bras

and always goes every afternoon to the supermarket and brings lots of detergent,

like clorox and makes a small boy, whom I’ve assumed is the grandson of the couple,

to lift boxes of whatever sharon bought in the supermarket besides the clorox.

i have never said hi to them

but I like to imagine all sorts of scenarios

were i say hello and they ignore me or i say hi

and they act too nice towards me.

that would be a problem because i don’t know how to

make excuses when i want to get out of certain situations.

it’ll be just awkward. for now, i’ll just keep watching from my window.

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