lunes, 28 de abril de 2008

Diaries From Hell

Nazi Scrapbooks from Hell es el nuevo especial televisivo del canal National Geographic. Con fotos del coronel de la SS, Karl Höecker. Fotos de la vida citadina de quienes con posterioridad en la historia han sido llamado "monstruos", son vistos cogiendo sol y sonriendo en cada fotografía.


Enjoying a Picnic. Relaxing on a sun deck. Eating blueberries. Flirting. These are the everyday moments captured in the photos on this page – people relaxing, smiling, having fun after a hard day’s work. The banal subjects depicted by these photos do not make them special – it is their context that elevates them, that makes them haunting.

These photos come from the album of SS officer Karl Höecker, the adjutant to the commandant at the Auschwitz concentration camp. They were taken between June and December of 1944 – when the camp’s gas chambers were running at full tilt and crematoriums broke down from overuse during the mass extermination of hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews. In the shadow of that horror, its perpetrators enjoyed picnics, and sun decks, and sing-alongs.

We want to call these people monsters, for the deeds they did or facilitated beyond the frames of these photos were truly monstrous. But here, they are revealed as merely people, and it is this which makes these images so chilling.


está bien cabrona. deberían verla.

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